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Hey! :)

This happened accidentally. I didn't want to make a game. I was writing a template for my bash-scripts and than it started...

(It's still a beta. So maybe its a little harder to find things since not everything is made up nicely.)

How does it work?

Try typing anything in the 'arguments' field. You will find out.
Or maybe just klick 'ok'.
Just try a few things and explore.

Listen to what the output says. There are the the hints. Sometimes.

Thats it, simply try :)

Still a beta

This has no straight storyline yet. At some points a little, but some parts are still chaos.
It's the technical structure that is mostly done now.

More storys and riddles to climb from one to the next task will follow.
Ah, and it won't be all about programming! :)

------- sOME QuEstIONs leFT? -------

What are 'arguments'!?

'Arguments' (args) in command-line programs usually are a string (e.g. a sequence of letters or numbers).
They turn on a specific option of the program and are usually a dash '-' followed by a letter like this:


or two dashes '--' followed by a word like this:


...sometimes an option is turned on by a short or the long form.
Indicated by a vertical line. The manual then says for example:

-c | --coffee

    Prepare a coffee for you.

You can combine options. Just type all you want with a space in between:

--color -b --rabbit

This probably will turn on color some mysterious b option, and maybe feed (or kill?) the rabbit.

Some options allow additional arguments with a space in between like:

--favoritecolor blue

there is also some '--help' :)

Warum Englisch?

Da ich alle meine kleinen Schritte in die Welt des Programmierens auf Englisch mache hat sich das so entwickelt.
Also müsst ihr nicht nur mit meinem poor-programming style, sondern auch mit meinem poor-english leben :)

So go on. Let the poet speak.